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The Empowered Filipina: A Woman of Substance

Jennifer Bichara

What makes a Filipina? | Breaking out of the entrenched stereotype

Over the years, Filipinas working overseas have been greatly stereotyped and put in a negative light.

This documentary follows a collective group of global Filipinas who have been deeply affected by these issues and how they chose to respond by sharing the positivity, and the advocacy of a common mission

— uplifting the morale of Filipinas everywhere.

View the documentary in three parts:

Links to Parts 2 & 3:

Part 2

Family and the Filipina beauty

Part 3

Beyond awareness | Filipino women empowerment

“A huge thank you for all the hard work, focus and creative genius to the cast & crew who made this happen.”

~Omehra Sigahne, aka Perla Daly, Founder


A Timonera Grafik Production
  • Produced by Lalaine Chu-Benitez, Ramon Benitez
  • Director: Kamil Roxas
  • Director of Photography: Kahlil A. de Pio
  • Gaffer: Franzty Magsakay
  • Sound: Ed Aquino
  • Art Director: Ramon Benitez
  • Production Assistants: Choi Dalocanog, Rony Aquino
  • Make-up: Ginno Alducente
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Jennifer Bichara

Jennifer Bichara is a free spirit. She is now a full-time art blogger, painter, sales agent for art pieces and a dealer of native products - one of her biggest passion besides art. Her work revolves around managing websites, writing, web content, web editing, coding, and working around WordPress themes for clients around the world. She is a champion of women's causes especially that of Filipinas and the love for art and art sake.  Aside from being the Publishing Assistant of online magazine, Jenny is currently a member of United Women Artists Association of the Philippines (UWAAP), happy helping artists gain exposure through her blog.  Here in, her world revolves around ART and Pinay Artists of different genres.

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