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The first featured Filipino member at!

The first featured Filipino member at!

Antonio Ingles is the first Filipino member for the week of 1/28/11!

Deservedly so as he joined and as I got to know him better it turns out he is the founder of Aral Pinoy, a Philippine NGO. Aral Pinoy ay Pagaaral na Alagang Pinoy. Aral Pinoy is dedicated to education for life-giving relationships.

To make a vital difference in the lives of our kababayan has always been my vision, and I, Antonio Ingles, Jr., as Aral Pinoy’s Convenor, dream that one day if God’s generosity allows, I will build schools in the rural areas, schools for life that empower them.

This is inspired and born out of helping and working with the marginalized sectors of our society since my seminary days.

Today, education is an urgent call to action for and by the rural poor: the indigenous people, the rural women, the fisher folks, the farmers, the rural youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities and the informal sector.

Aral Pinoy Objectives:

1. Identify schools that need assistance especially those with insufficient instructional materials/equipment and insufficient budget or funds.

2. Train teachers to improve teaching and enhance students’ learning and to assure that the teachers that are trained actually apply what they have learned.

Aral Pinoy Solutions:

1. Identify partner communities/institutions/corporations that are willing to sponsor a sustainable teacher training programs to schools mentioned above.

2. Design and offer modules/manuals/short-courses to suit teachers with different needs at all levels.

He also contributes to the Pakikipagkapwa fan page on facebook, is a devout RC, is married and a dedicated father, has studied and teaches Philosophy and is now studying Applied Cosmic Anthropology at the Asian Social Institute in Manila…

Rock on, Antonio!!!

Mother and Child by James Tan

This lively oil painting, by Filipino James Tan-Origin, depicts a mother sitting with her child teaching him to read while her husband harvests fruit. The rich colors are used to symbolize a bountiful harvest. James Tan, is of half Filipino, half Chinese decent. He resides in Manila.

Image Source by Art Sumo



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