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Trust the process of Life. |

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Trust in the process of life. Pinay Shine at #pinaydotcom

The other day my friend Christina shared a bit about an argument that her sister was trying to start with her. She chose to walk away from the argument before it started even if that made her sister angrier. She said to me, “I’ll leave it to the Universe to take care of things.” I answered to that gently “Bahala na,” and she quietly replied “Bahala na.” We were silent for a moment, thinking and hoping that things would turn out to the best.

When many of us Filipinos say Bahala na or Bathala na, it usually is one’s way of saying that we trust situations will turn out fine in the end. We usually say it believing that a higher intelligence in the Universe or God will help situations unfold to something better. (More on this below…)

As the title goes, this post is about Trust. But it’s also about intentions, responsibility, choice and action.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite action.” — Newton’s La

Whenever we use our free will and do something or anything, cosmic law says there will be an equal and opposite action. Every action we take in our lives has some sort of effect or outcome.

Every time one makes a choice and takes action one puts cause and effect into play, and the Laws of the Universe unfold.

“Nothing is done, nothing is said, nothing is thought that does not create a ripple effect outward from the being itself through emotional vibration that moves through all of the dimensions.”Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz

Our intellect knows that things will just happen if we take certain action. Our intellect can trust the laws of the Universe. Our hearts know that the process of Life can be trusted.

It is only our fears and disconnect from our hearts that causes us to doubt that. Liwanag, that light within us, is the source from where we know we can trust in the process of life.

Trusting in the process of Life gives inner strength and courage to take action.

My mother and Lola are familiar with trusting in God and in the process of life. They would say “Gasalig lang ko sa Diyos” Meaning “I just trust in God.” And this is how they instilled in me a trust in God, and a trust in the whole process of Life.

Trust gives us patience to wait for the outcome of our actions or of situations.

We can’t trust in the process of life or even in the Laws of the Universe, if we are not somehow connected to something bigger than ourselves.

The Filipino innate trait of being able to trust the process of Life comes from faith in a Higher Power. It comes from being connected to something bigger.

Bahala na.

Many Filipinos consciously or consciously embody the Bahala na or Bathala na belief system.

Many Filipinos know that there are two minds when saying Bahala Na (or Bathala Na, depending on the region). One way of saying Bahala na comes from a fatalistic mind frame and would thus mean “what’s the use of putting any effort into changing things” or “whatevah!” It is this particular mindframe that Western psychologists have captured in their studies but that is the one-dimensional observation of the Bahala Na attitude in Filipino nature.

Bahala na ako. Trust me, I'll take care of things. Trust in the process of life. #pinaydotcom

The other mind frame of saying “Bahala na” comes from trust. This trust is easily seen in the common Philippine saying of “Bahala na ako.” It translates to “Trust me, I’m taking care of things.”

Many times saying Bahala na means “things will work out” and indicates that things will flow into place and end up fine. So saying Bahala na with the mind frame of trust usually means that one has done their best and “now it’s up to God”.

Alfredo Lagmay, a Philippine psychologist and National Scientist, calls the Filipino tradition of Bathala Na/Bahala Na a dance with the cosmos:

Bahala-na implies perseverance and hard work; it gives a person courage to see himself through hard times; it stimulates creativity…

In blurting this expression, we are actually accepting the presence of Nature in our dealings; that we must also acknowledge Nature and not just conquer it to achieve our means. Like water, we can change our paths but leave our mark just the same.

Bahala na. Trust that outcomes will unfold within the harmony and natural balance of the Universe. #pinaydotcomOn a deeper level, saying Bahala Na is a Filipino’s expression of trust that outcomes will unfold within the harmony and natural balance of the Universe.

The ability to trust the process of life is a source of strength and courage.

“My refuge and my fortress: my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:1-2

The ability to trust in the process of Life helps us dig down deep and gather the force we need to work hard, endure and overcome challenges, big or small.

To trust in the process of Life creates resilience in the face of uncertainty.

“Trust in God is an invitation to let go of fear.”—Holly Whitcomb, Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting

Trust in the process of life. Take heart. Take action. And trust in the process of life some more.

Bahala na. God will take care of things. Trust in the process of life. #pinaydotcom

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