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Your Circle of Love Thoughts for Valentine's Day in a new millennium.

Your Circle of Love Thoughts for Valentine’s Day in a new millennium.

What is the size of your circle of Love?

Do you love only your family and friends?

Do you love only your family and have little room for friends?

Do you love friends and family and also love people in general?

Do you love your pets or love Nature but have little patience for people in your life?

The answers to these questions are indications of your own circle of Love.

We all seek love. Romantic love is an ideal we all hope to find. Familial love is a blessing that we may not appreciate until after many bitter fights and even loss. Platonic love is a grace that when recognized shows maturity. There are many kinds of love—- servant & master(also student and teacher or worker & mentor-boss), child & parent, sibling love, love between friends, love between husband and wife, and sexual love… How many of us are open to all these loves?

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An Abundant Catch by Rick Miranda
This very large, heart-warming rendition of a family together, depicts a fisherman, his wife, and baby surrounded by the basket of fish that he caught earlier that day.

Rick Miranda is a self-taught artist, Rick Miranda diligently spent several years studying the work of Filipino master painters including Luna, Botong and Fernando Amorsolo. Each of their styles is reflected in his work.

Image Source from Art Sumo